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Why Being In A Relationship Can Make Us Gain Weight

Being in a relationship can make us do a lot of things. It can transform us to be a better version of ourselves, and for the most part, the chubbier version. There is nothing to be ashamed about gaining a pound or two. However, we need to understand that relationship weight gain is an actual thing!

What is relationship weight gain?

Couples tend to eat more while they are together.

Relationship weight gain is a phenomenon where couples are observed to be heavier and inch rounder compared to when they were single. This is most highlighted during the first few months of every relationship. When two people are just starting to go out, they are at first curious about their body and how much food they eat during the date. But when these two becomes an official couple, restrictions are just thrown at the window.

But why do these people start to gain weight the moment they get into a relationship and is it a bad thing? Here are some explanations.


Food is a life, that is why it’s totally normal for couples to gain some weight. When people are in a relationship, most of the dates are always spent in restaurants and picnic spots. Some scientific observations also show that couples are more likely to stick to unhealthy food choices. Gone are the salad bowls and detox juice. Pizza and fries are much more fun to share with a partner while staying inside the house and just watch movies.


There is a specific period in a relationship where couples just hit an astounding level of comfort. This doesn’t happen on the day couples become official- being comfortable with one another will still take time. But when that time comes, all vanity seems to be gone. This is also one of the reasons why couples gain weight. They won’t care how much they eat and how those clothes can get because they’ve found a partner who loves all those things. There won’t be any restrictions in terms of dinner in restaurants because they’ve already established a deeper love that doesn’t get broken by the physical aspects.

Ditching the gym

People tend to skip the gym once they find a partner.

This can be particularly true for people who have a gym membership to be attractive to others. When this kind of people already finds a loved one, looks will not become the main priority anymore. Instead, they spend more time trying to cultivate the new relationship and also adjust to it. Relationships can be demanding and some couples would rather attend to their partner’s need rather than hitting the gym. Some also trade the ruthless training to more relaxing activities like movie marathons and traveling.

Happily in love

People in relationships will stop minding about other people’s opinion on their physical appearance. They’re probably too busy being in love that’s why weight gain remarks will just become irrelevant. What matters for these couples is that despite gaining weight, they’re still happy with the relationship and where it’s heading. Others even say that the true sign of couples being truly happy and in love is the added numbers on the weighing scale.

More than looks

Being in a happy relationship means carrying about more important things than physical looks.

This doesn’t apply to all the people who maintain the perfect body, but sometimes, there are just people who think that being physically attractive is the key to have a lasting relationship. This is definitely a misconception. Love is not about the looks and the physical appearance. It’s also not about the money and the fame. Love is beyond all those things. That’s why we have what we call the relationship weight gain. Because people who find their partners will realize what love truly is. They start to value the character rather than the body of that person. That’s why they develop comfort and happiness because they know that weight is just another reason to love a person more.

But this is not a reason to be unhealthy and let those scales go higher and higher. There is also a special time where couples will realize that it’s time to ditch the junk foods and couch dates and go back to the gym. But before reaching that stage, they will have to experience the bliss of eating comfortably first.

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