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Greatest Scientific and Medical Discoveries of 2017

There’s no stopping the year 2017 from reaching its endpoint and within a few days, we anticipate the coming of the New Year. We’re all very motivated and inspired to get things underway but before we embark on a new health and fitness journey , let’s go through this year’s highlights with special focus on the greatest scientific and medical discoveries. These scientific breakthroughs should help us accomplish goals and think differently about ways to improve health and our wellbeing in general! If you haven’t already, check out these medical innovations!

We’re Now One Step Closer to Prevent Insomnia With this Gene Discovery

We all know that about ⅔ of America’s population lacks sleep. We’ve been grinding with our hectic schedules and heavy workload that we barely have time to rest, let alone sleep. That’s why most of us have a problem with insomnia that may trigger not only problems in weight loss but also in our mental health.  However, our struggle for insomnia might soon end with this new gene discovery study. The scientists and medical researchers have discovered “seven genes” insomnia that disables us from sleeping profoundly. It seems that people having this genetic makeup have an innate inability to sleep. And if you’re one of the patients who inherits insomnia gene, it may be possible to reduce your symptoms by further scientific studies of gene alteration next year.

Hep C Identification Treatment

Mavyret Drugs Help Treat Hepatitis

Mavyret Drugs Help Treat Hepatitis

We all know that Hepatitis is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Not only that but it’s also contagious. However, hepatitis prevention is now possible because of this groundbreaking study where the scientists discovered that a single receptor cell in our body has the ability to recognize Hepatitis C. This single cell may be the sole key in finally preventing the development of Hepatitis C. And just this second half of the year, the FDA had developed a drug called “Mavyret” which can help treat patients with or without cirrhosis, as well as those suffering from kidney diseases. Although the treatment is still undergoing clinical trial, the FDA is positive that these developments would pave the way to develop a vaccination program for Hepatitis.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Women Can Now Treat Breast Cancer with Nerlynx

Women Can Now Treat Breast Cancer with Nerlynx

Almost ⅔ of the world’s women population suffers from breast cancer. It’s one of the deadliest cancer diseases for women. Fortunately, the UK medical researchers had discovered a stunning drug combination which can help reduce the effects of breast cancer. These two notable drugs are namely Herceptin and Tyverb. When combined together, they reduce the production and development of tumor which aggravates breast cancer. Just this year, the production of the combined drug had passed FDA’s clinical trial and got an approval for distribution. This drug is now called Nerlynx. The FDA also said that this drug can now be used as part of the treatment for those patients with Stage 1 and 2 breast cancer diagnoses.

Xadago Drug May Finally Become the Cure for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson Disease May Finally Have a Cure with Xadago

Parkinson Disease May Finally Have a Cure with Xadago

For years, the FDA and medical world are in constant research for a potential cure for this deadly disease. Just in America alone, about 50,000 of its population are suffering from Parkinson’s disease which impairs your brain, causing you to lose your movement and eventually die. The current medical treatment protocols for Parkinson’s disease are not that effective but FDA is hopeful that incorporating the newly approved Xadago (safinamide) drug in Parkinson treatment may help deal with this disease and eventually find its cure.

Innovative Understanding of Cholesterol

When your doctor or attending physician tells you that you have high cholesterol, the first thing that comes to our mind is that we have high levels of bad cholesterol or LDL. This is where we start undergoing changes in lifestyle in order to control our cholesterol levels. However, this can be a challenging route to all of us. Good thing though that the FDA had recently developed this new type of drug known as PCSK9 inhibitors which helps lower your cholesterol down up to 20%. This way, you can now keep track of your cholesterol levels and make it more manageable for you.                      

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