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How To Get Most Of The Annual Black Friday Sale

Walter Vance is a 61-year old man who was shopping at Walmart during the Black Friday Sale. Vance, who is a pharmacist by profession, has been battling a heart condition. During the sale, Vance collapsed in Walmart but no one seemed interested enough to help. People continued shopping and running around the store that some buyers step over him. Vance literally saved himself by crawling towards Walmart personnel. Vance was brought to the hospital, where he died the same day.

Stampede is a popular scene during the Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale is the most highly anticipated sale over the year. Black Friday Sales fall on the day before Thanksgiving, but countries that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving can still benefit from the sale. Stores and brands offer huge discounts for all the consumers. Due to the huge discounts, people always line up in stores trying to beat everyone from getting the best deals. As a result, shops like Walmart always report incidents of the stampede, riot, and even death. So how to avoid getting an injury whilst hoarding? Here are effective tips to make Black Friday Sale a smooth sailing event.

Know what to get

One of the things consumers regret during the sale is buying the things they absolutely don’t need. The hoarding behavior of people gets tapped once they are surrounded by other consumers. That is why, the majority of the things being checked out, are either due to pressure or the having the fear of missing out.

Always prepare a list of what to get during the sale to avoid overspending

Before going out, make sure to prepare a list of the things that need to be bought. And since it’s Black Friday Sale, throw in some ‘wants’ in there, too. Make sure to stick to that list so there won’t be any regrets and remorse.

Go online

In the Analogue years, people have no other choice but to camp outside the stores before the sale. But since we are now living in a post-modern world, lets also up to our shopping habits a little bit. Almost all online shops and websites like Amazon and eBay are participating in the annual fiasco. Even the famous makeup brands like Kylie Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty are all giving people huge discounts. Try ticking the shopping list off online for convenience and lesser injury. Purchase and pay online and have the items delivered door-to-door. Everything is just one click away, so click away.

Two is better than one

People camp out on the dawn of the sale

Shopping alone in the most crowded day of the year can be very boring. Always bring a friend to help speed up the shopping process. The technique of divide and conquer can be a very helpful tip. Give assignments to each squad, where one will be assigned to electronics, makeup, clothes, and shoes. People who shop together can cover a bigger scope on a lesser amount of time. And since Black Friday only comes once every year, having a shopping partner can make the experience fast and fun.

Use coupons and buy gift cards

Get that Black Friday game on by cutting coupons from magazines and newspapers. There are a lot of products that can be bought by coupons even if there is a sale. For example, a brand of shoes sells their products with a 20% discount. The same brand also has coupons of Buy 1 Take 1 the person found in a fashion magazine. That means, the shopper can snag two pairs shoes, but will only pay for one pair with a 20% off of the original price.

Buying gift cards both online and in physical stores can also help the shopper save more. Buy cards to be given as a gift for those family members or friends that seem impossible to please. Gift cards save up shopping time, and the recipient will have more freedom on what to get.

Always remember to get creative during the Black Friday. Also, learn self-control and discipline. Stores offering huge discounts are not a justifiable reason for maxing out credit cards. Always prioritize the things that need to be bought. If there is still a little extra left in the budget, then there’s no reason not to splurge. Black Friday Sale is not for the weak also, so better be tough, too.

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