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Sleep Is Doing These Amazing Miracles To Our Bodies

How many hours do you sleep daily? Do you feel like that it’s enough for your body and soul to rest? Even if the rest is all you look for in the sleeping process, there is much more to it. You’ll be amazed after reading this article how many benefits and different body reactions we get from a single nightly sleep, so just let’s start reading.

 You lose weight

During sleep, our bodies lose more than 0.5 kg of water to the surrounding air at night. How does this happen? Since the air inside our lungs is hot and filled with moisture, and the rooms are much cooler than the air inside our lungs, the air we breathe out during sleep contracts as it cools, drawing moisture out of the air and our bodies.

 Your body becomes (sort of) paralyzed 

At least once in our lives, we all had that strange nightmare when we were scared, but we couldn’t run or scream. This actually happens more often than we realize and it is called a sleep paralysis. This phenomenon keeps us from acting out all our dreams in real life, which is actually a good thing. Scientifically explained, while we are in REM state (when the dreams actually happen), our brain blocks neurotransmitters and receptors in muscles, thus paralyzing us.

 Your body gets spasms

When we are sleeping, sometimes there is a moment when our bodies are not physically asleep but not awake either. At those moments the thing called a hypnic jerk happens. It is created because sometimes there is a delay between the brain sending the message to relax and the nervous system getting this message. Yes, this is when you wake up after feeling that you were falling from somewhere.

 Your brain is sorting your memories

All the things we do during the day and people we interact with are all creating our memories. Those memories are stored in our brains and sorted out during our sleeping periods. But as similar as with other things we don’t often use when we try to find them, it takes much time. If we used them a long time ago, there is not much possibility that we will find them. In other words, old memories cannot be easily accessed and found.

It is amazing to realize that during sleep, our brains are replaying the day’s events, sorting them in the  ‘folders’ and storing them in the long-term memory centers. All the unnecessary memories are being discarded. The long-term memory is the most important part of our brains since it keeps the important memories for our lifetime.

Have you noticed how you can sometimes remember memories from your childhood more vividly than the things that happened just two days ago? Those things happen for a reason. That is to enable your learning process and to make you retain the important information in your brain. This process is essential for learning and retaining information. It also helps us develop skills like problem-solving.

 Night sleep enables your body’s stretching

Due to gravity pressure on your vertebrae and the daily stress you may experience, by the end of the day, you shrink up to 1 centimeter. But don’t worry, you stretch back during night sleep! When your back is relieved of all the daily stress, the body stretches an extra 1 centimeter or so.

Even though with adults, this height difference is not much significant, the lack of pressure enables children and adolescents to grow while sleeping. Actually, a person can only grow while sleeping. This is because the growth hormones are released while sleeping.

 Your brain uses more energy

When awake, about 80% of our overall energy is used by various physical activities. On the other hand, while we are sleeping, this energy is diverted to the brain. Additionally, the brain’s energy consumption is higher in certain stages of sleep (REM) than it is while awake.

 You dream

Why do we dream? No one knows for certain. Still, every night when our bodies fall unconscious, our brains create their own reality that we think are real at the time. Then we wake up, and almost all of it disappears from our memory. Even though dreams are taken for granted like brushing teeth or simple walking and breathing, there is much more to it than we are able to understand.

The meaning of dreams has led to the countless number of interpretations. Still, our dreams remain something unexplainable and obviously very important for our brains.

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